Eggs Benedict

The next important date in the lemonly realm is Eggs Benedict.

It is said - or if it wasn't we are saying now - Eggs Benedict was invented by cardinals for the feast of Stephen in the 16th century using a ladder to climb all the way up to King Wenceslas with some wilted spinach.

It proved so successful, we understand from the so shall media circulating in the Lemonly Realm, that there is now a whole womb devoted to Eggs Benedict in a tiny village in the snow.

This village is so snowy that park keepers are trapped in a cosy hut at dusk with only the glow of roasted chestnuts and some brandy rind for warmth.

On the morning of Eggs Benedict a magpie traditionally flies over the park-keepers' hut and they emerge in the modern Gangnam style.

Although the date of Eggs Benedict cannot be mapped directly to the Gregorian Calendar The Five Andrews celebrate Eggs Benedict on the night of Wednesday 2nd January. In 2013 this coincides with the birthday of the choreographer Kate Brown.

Kate has more than once been guest Prime Minister of The unruly Five Andrews,  passing legislation to bring dignity and composure to our rehearsals and a focus on the work which has resulted, I think I can say,  in more streamlined productions with cleaner lines.

Kate Brown (centre) in 'Having Begun', 2008.

Happy Birthday, dear Kate!