The Discovery of Infombrance

Image of infographic blogged at

Image of infographic blogged at


This example from the infographic world, encountered amongst the fine collection at uses data to signal substance and the infographic trope to signal the intention to inform. 

It is a fine example of a deep, rich infombrance, having the boldness and the weightiness of a pillar of religion.

The infombrance, a word first coined right here, right now, is a species of explanatory communication that has been caught looking out the window when we ask it a question.

Otherwise, and sometimes, an infombrant thing responds with a zen-like tangent to our question.

It's not that infombrances are being churlish, or wise or indifferent, Rather, they are abroad in a different context yet provide some reference points we think we recognise. These may well be as useful as the false-friends we learn to beware in the acquisition of a second-language.

A deep infombrance is unfathomable from our paradigm. A rich infombrance is one which we might deduce has a mind of its own. 

Imagine an actor who is on stage before us but is, intriguingly, disconnectedly engaged with the narrative's trajectory and the play's entities we have registered to date. Her rhythm has a foreign syncopation and her carriage is awry. She is creating havoc for the other actors and mayhem with the imaginations of the audience.

Although we have paid to watch a tragedy, this actor has taken a wrong door in a fast-paced farce carrying on in the theatre next door. She has strayed into our arena and, as her profession demands, is obliged to continue speaking her script and to trace her stage directions on this alien set. Her actions are richly infombrant yet could be fathomed in the light of new information.

Infombrance is a quality that has been characteristically exploited by The Five Andrews through hermetic ritual eg Sicut and absurd instructional texts eg Un Citron Andalou, and conceptually - in the setting up and enactment of disappointment - in Wishful minment.