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What is a Five Andrew?

A Five Andrew is someone who has been devising live art performances, typically with the other three Five Andrews, since 1990.

A Five Andrew aims to make succulent and pithy work that, on the outside, appears lemonly. As in a dream, A Five Andrew possesses its own unfathomable purpose.


Latest performances


A performative intervention in the form of a fashion show celebrating 25 years of costume design by Andrew Barker for The Five Andrews (private event)


On a planet light years distant, signals from the televising of The Supremes' first arrival in London are spied through a gap in the neighbours' curtains and interpreted by a team of alien cultural experts. Subsequently, after a very long journey, emissaries arrive by taxi on planet Earth to confirm their findings. (prIvate event) Blog and video.

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With their attention to fashion, blonde-dyed hair, and their vocals, they are like a kind of half-hearted pop group. The atmosphere they create has a curious kind of camp serenity. They verge on the surreal...
— Live Art Magazine

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News from the lemonly realm.

The Point (y thing) of Philosophy

Which way, now?

Annual Christmas message

Are you ready for – and have you properly understood – The Five Andrews' position on Brexit?

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