Some of the orignal stock imagery in the template of our new website appears to be of vessels not dissimilar to Thames barges. Both Nic Sandiland and I are from south Essex which norders the estuary of the River Thames and I'm familiar with this type of traditional craft as being part of my local heritage.

The sample photos, one of which I've kept here, depict calm scenes in some estuary or other stretch of water where work is underway in the distance - in this example perhaps maintenance of fishing nets. 

In the work of The Five Andrews we're often interested in creating a hermetic scene in which we perform activities which have the rituality of routine. Because we derive these activities one way or another from our imaginations, they are opaque and may appear absurd. 

Like mending nets on a floating pier, these kinds of performed activities are associated with special clothing, a measured pace and constraining rules.

Andrew Downs