DVD from Rosemary Lee dedicated to Charlie

Charlie in Italy. Photo Mhora Samuel.

Charlie in Italy. Photo Mhora Samuel.

Choreographer Rosemary Lee has dedicated her new DVD about her large scale 2009 project Common Dance to the memory of Charlie Meyrick who participated in the work. 

'On Taking Care' is a double DVD exploring the interconnected themes and processes behind the making of Common Dance, which Rosemary created for Greenwich's Borough Hall.

Watch excerpt from Common Dance and interview  with Rosemary on The Guardian's You Tube channel.

Using the space as a symbolic ‘common ground’, she brought together a cast of four professional, four recent graduate apprentices and over 40 non-professional dancers aged 8 – 83, with a choir of 70 young people from Finchley Children’s Music Group.

The DVD includes a full length recording of the performance, rehearsal footage and interviews. Rosie tells us there is 'lots of Charlie in there'.

Available from http://www.artsadmin.co.uk/bookshop

Charlie was, and forever remains, one quarter of The Five Andrews since he co-founded it in 1990. He died in May 2011. 

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The Five Andrews have also performed at the Borough Hall, which is occupied by Greenwich Dance Agency: Pneu (2006) , Dunkel (2006) and Wishful minment (2012). See our Works chronology.