I can't get no cream coloured horses

Blue satin clock faces. Photo: Andrew Downs

Blue satin clock faces. Photo: Andrew Downs

Early one May 9 Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones awoke briefly with an idea for a song. He set the tape rolling, recorded a few bars and fell asleep, recording another 30 odd minutes of snoring. That was the same morning, turns out, that Five Andrew Barker, who related this tale, arrived on Earth in 1965. 

The Five Andrews with the help of our friends are marking the anniversary of these moments with a fashion show of Mr Barker's costume designs for our shows, scored to a soundtrack edited by Five Andrew Downs of Satisfaction intercut, upon Mr B's suggestion, with its musical nemesis, My Favourite Things from The Sound of Music – also 50.

We have been practising our catwalks and can highly recommend catwalking as an alternative means of transport. One starts out with a sense of purpose and arrives refreshed, having travelled in style with plenty of well appointed pauses in which one might blow out smoke but, instead, thinks better of it.