Annual Christmas message


This year (2018) we have decided to publish an annual Five Andrews Christmas message. These will be every 3 years, except the year before last when there would have been two.

Without wishing to go too deeply into the rationale for this publication schema, we believe it is the best compromise to take into account the change in the precession of the earth in its orbit around the sun when Britain leaves Europe in 201919.

We go to dance compromisation classes all the time so we do know what we are doing.

The attached photo (© Christian Glaus) shows The Five Andrews preparing our first Christmas message by putting ourselves into the minds of our readers. The transparent tent in which we are sitting for this purpose allows through the sound of any ambient tintinabulation but our special acoustic caps stop the sound of jingle bells dead.

If you never wish to read The Five Andrews Christmas messages please close your eyes as soon as they arrive. We’ll ring your doorbell dozens of times as fast as we can so you know it’s us and then shout our Christmas message through your letter box so you won’t ever miss a thing.

Do not be afraid.