Wishful minment

Tonight The Five Andrews, joined by a very special mystery guest, perform our seasonally pre-emptive short piece 'Wishful minment' made especially for Greenwich Dance Agency's Christmas Cabaret.

There's no time now to go into the full details, you know, target audience, design rationale, by how much the public liability insurance exceeds our entire fee, how many kittens were hurt in the making of the work (NONE)  because we are busy trying to find attractive strangers to help us with our make up and hair.

But I just have time to give you a glimpse of the kind of rigorous artistic endeavour that goes into making work in our performance factory in our Lemonly Realm. Like all artists, apart from Graham Greene by his own admission, we throw a lot of material away that sometimes we have worked on for months. This instruction, however, has borne fruit. See if you can spot it in tonight's show:

Devise a sign, signal, vision or miracle or any combination to indicate beneficently 'what it feels like to be back in 5 minutes when you don't know how long ago the 5 minutes started'.
This COULD be in any medium or combination of media, including movement. This COULD be a solo.
It MUST NOT be solely gestural
It SHOULD NOT feature repeated movement performed by one individual
It SHOULD be easily technically achievable in the context of the GDA Christmas Cabaret.

We made this show especially for you tonight. We hope it's what you wanted.